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Don't forget my favourites !


My favourites

I recommend you to also visit my favourites for seeing beautiful artworks ! >…<

MLP Fanarts

My Little Pony Fanarts

I've been watching My little Pony FIM ever since 2012. And even though I don't watch it anymore I still love its universe and especially its design. I've always loved doing fanart about it and I'll continue for sure! Here is a few of my fanarts, but you should watch my gallery for more.


Adoptable Anthro base
Adoptable Anthro base - P2U by x-Piiu
Adoptable Anthro base
7 ears and tails, 6 faces, simple shadows
Adoptable Female Pony Base
Adoptable Female Pony Base - Anthro - P2U by x-Piiu
Adoptable Female Pony Base
4 haircuts, 4 tails, wings and horn, simple shadows






Welcome into my Art Space!
Don't forget to watch me if you liked my art! It's really appreciated. And feel free to contact me, I don't bite.
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I'm Piiu and I live in France (but I'm not native). I'm not really good at english so, in advance, excuse my poor vocabulary and grammar ^^"

I'm a self-educated artist who loves to draw many cute things and fanarts about my favorites movies, TV shows, games, ... I like to draw anthropomorphic girls and I've always enjoyed the furry culture. I like fantasy, angels, faeries, unicorns, ... I'm a huge fan of Mystery Skulls Ghost and I also like some soft yaoi.

When I'm drawing, most of the time I try to create a feeling, something that can touch your (and mine) heart. I love to draw for my friends and make them happy ^^

Com, Req, AT Info

MSA Fanarts

Mystery Skulls Animated Fanarts

During September 2015, when I was lost in Youtube (again) I've discovered MSA. And, as how incredible it can be, that changed a big part of my life.
My favorite character is Arthur and, even if I like the couple Vivi x Lewis, I ship Arthur x Lewis as well.

I love the music, the animation, characters, colors, everything!


Frequently Asked Questions

q: How long have you been drawing traditional/digital art?
a: For traditional, Since I'm a child I think. But for 3 years of my adolescence, I stopped to. In 2012, my bf gave me a graphics tablet. At first, it was really complicated for me, so for one year I didn't draw much with it. So I can say I've been using frequently since 2014 only.

q: Can I use your avatar, artworks, etc ?
a: My avatar is mine, sorry. About my art, feel free to repost it, use it as wallpaper, anything but please never remove, cut or change my signature and never claim it's yours ^^

q: How did you learn to draw? Do you have nice tutorials to help me?
a: Long time ago for one year I studied in an Art School. I was a really bad student, It didn't helped me at all because I chose the wrong section (manual arts instead of infography)! xD Nowadays to learn new techniques, I look at other artworks that I like and I try to understand how they were done, I experiment, ... in general I don't like tutorials. So I've learned mostly by my self and I still have many things to learn!

q: Which tablet should I buy? Which one are you using?
a: I have a Baboo Wacom. I recommend you to buy a tablet only if you already often draw on paper. You must know some basics before buying a tablet or your art will be really colorful, but with very huge mistakes (strange looking bodies, weird perspectives, etc).

q: Which software do you use to draw?
a: I'm using SAI only.

q: Do you take requests? Art Trades ?
a: I only take requests from friends but you can commission me. ^^ Contact me for AT, maybe I'll want.

q: What is your commissions infos? I can't find them.
a: I don't have a journal about it yet, but soon maybe. Just contact me and I will explain you, I log in everyday. Just to have an idea about my prices this commission costs 15€ (~14$) . I only accept Paypal.

q: What do you look like IRL? How old are you? Where do you live exactly? ...
a: I look like a banana, I'm flawless and eternal and I live in Canterlot. Pleased ? :P

If your question is here, PLEASE do not ask it ! Thanks ^^



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GamePonySly Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016  Student Photographer
Hello Piiu, how are you? =3 

I wanna ask you something *curious*
x-Piiu Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes ?
GamePonySly Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016  Student Photographer
my simple question... you do requests? 
x-Piiu Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I only take commissions for non-friends. I'm sorry ^^"
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FelixNFox Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016   Digital Artist
Hi my names Felix.
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